With technology evolving ever so rapidly:

Where will the journey take us?
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From a free warranty extension to the reassuring fact that additional functions can be retrofitted – quality has many faces.


Even if a technology is considered mature, there’s always room for improvement. Often enough, that’s when we come up with the best ideas.


We owe it to future generations that valuable resources are dealt with responsibly. But why shouldn’t you benefit from this attitude as well?

Can reliability have an effect on our sense of well-being?

Everything but crash tests

To avoid product recalls, all functions are subject to a comprehensive quality test before delivery. Naturally, this does not include crash tests, since our products are built for stationary use.

A sympathetic ear or two

From qualified advice provided by our expert hotline to free software updates – our fair and compulsory service has won us multiple awards over the years.

Trust against trust

We place trust in our retail partners because they are continuously participating in our qualification program. This ensures that our customers can trust they will get optimum advice from them.

“If you invest in a high-quality product, the last thing you want is that it will soon become outdated.”

– Gerhard Auerswald (Managing Director) –

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How should you know today what might inspire people tomorrow?

Your demands matter

At Auerswald, nothing seems impossible – at least when it comes to useful innovations which e.g. facilitate operation. And we’re always interested in learning about your wishes and requirements.

A perfect network is everything

At home or at work – a communications solution which integrates office applications as well as e.g. domestic or surveillance technology will make you quicker, more efficient … and happier.

The simpler, the better

Automatic connection identification, gesture control – as long as it promises easier operation, we’re capable of practically anything. That’s why you can expect more surprising solutions to come from Auerswald.

“We were the first to offer a desktop phone that you can operate just like a smartphone.”

– Christian Auerswald (Managing Director) –

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Is it narrow-minded to consider factors like power consumption or recyclability?

Superior eco-balance

Take the intelligent power management of our products or our commitment to recycling – when it comes to sustainability, Auerswald has always been at the forefront. That includes domestic production which ensures short delivery routes.

Family responsibility

Continuity can by no means taken for granted in a family-run company. The fact, however, that Gerhard Auerswald is sharing management responsibilities with his son Christian, is in true family tradition.

Ideas are our capital

No matter how many ideas you may have – you can hardly implement them without a highly capable team. That’s why at Auerswald young talents will find all doors wide open, and our qualification scheme is something we’re proud of.

“Why shouldn’t an ICT system last as long as a fridge?”

– Christian Auerswald (Managing Director) –

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Interested in the details?

Don’t hesitate to ask us – we’ll be happy to answer.





Interested in the details?

Don’t hesitate to ask us – we’ll be happy to answer.

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