How should you know today what might inspire people tomorrow?
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“As long as they facilitate operation, I guess we’re right on target with our innovations.”

– Christian Auerswald (Managing Director) –

Pressing ahead with new ideas is part of our DNA, and very likely we will come up with some more solutions in the future that were never seen before. Products which reflect the actual needs of users … and function most reliably.

Is there a natural limit for the range of functions in a phone?

“The need for effective communication will undoubtedly continue to grow exponentially.”

– Gerhard Auerswald (Managing Director) –

At Auerswald, nothing seems impossible – at least when it comes to useful innovations which e.g. facilitate operation. And we’re always interested in learning about your wishes and requirements.

Convenience is trumps

Our integrated, software-based communications solutions put you in pole position for the new “All IP network”: Auerswald ICT systems easily manage to interlink PC, telephone and chat functions – discover an entirely new dimension of convenience!

PBX Call Assist 2

Your individual needs are crucial

Attorneys, doctors, forwarding agents, chain stores, private users – they all seek the most different things in a communications system of their choice. Therefore, configuring tailor-made solutions is our particular strength, further supported by the fact that you can easily retrofit additional functions when necessary.

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For the records

We could never figure out what a call center might have to do with customer friendliness. We prefer to have our own expert hotline where every question is answered right away. For general news on Auerswald, just click the button below.

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What’s the next big thing after autonomous driving going to be – phones that call each other?

“Saving energy continues to be a major concern. To noticeably reduce power consumption, we decided to develop switching power supplies of our own.”

– Gerhard Auerswald (Managing Director) –

At home or at work – a communications solution which integrates office applications as well as e.g. domestic or surveillance technology will make you quicker, more efficient … and happier.

We love the challenge

Whether it’s tangible electrical components or issues related to the virtual area – Auerswald is traditionally known for solving the trickiest problems. And more than once we’ve managed to surprise the public with especially practical details in our products.

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Open to encryption

Especially company-internal VoIP calls can easily be spied upon and recorded – unnoticed by you. However, by encrypting VoIP connections (by means of SIPS and SRTP), this can be remedied. All Auerswald IP phones enable secure VoIP settings – supplied automatically through an Auerswald ICT system or manually by an administrator.

VoIP Security

The simpler, the better

Automatic connection identification, desktop phones with touchscreen and gesture control – most of our innovations were inspired by the natural request for easiest operation. That’s why you can expect more surprising solutions to come from Auerswald.

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Is it possible at all to make reliable forecasts regarding communications technology?

“A desktop phone that reminds you of a smartphone – the boundaries between the spoken word and visual communication are blurring.”

– Christian Auerswald (Managing Director) –

Nobody can tell which ground-breaking innovations we can expect in the near future, but one thing is for sure: Auerswald will continue to listen to you in order to develop contemporary products with future-proof performance.

A productive change

Everything is subject to change, PBX systems as well: modern ICT solutions are getting ever smarter, blending perfectly with networked structures. And whenever major technological changes came about, Auerswald has proved to be particularly innovative and flexible.

PBX systems

Chances of going international

You don’t have to produce in Asia to enjoy a good reputation worldwide. Being awarded with a “Blue Angel” for particularly climate-friendly products is the best PR with a global reach, after all. However, Christian Auerswald is determined to gently widen the international focus of the company.

Please get on board

If you wish to be heard and are eager to actively shape the future, you have come to the right place. At Auerswald, you will find an interestig and challenging work environment, highly committed colleagues and a homely atmosphere.

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Our attitude towards sustainability?

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