Can reliability have an effect on our sense of well-being?
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“Asking a specific question and being put off by a totally clueless call center employee is not acceptable.”

– Christian Auerswald (Managing Director) –

We owe our good reputation to the reliability of our products, and that’s even attested in writing: For our product and service excellence, Auerswald has been elected the No. 1 PBX manufacturer for the sixth time lately. This is partly due to the qualified advice supplied by our hotline and to the uncomplicated handling of service cases.

Are there life-extending measures for technical devices as well?

“If you invest in a high-quality product, the last thing you want is that it will soon become outdated.”

– Gerhard Auerswald (Managing Director) –

Quality management at Auerswald seems to be working. So far, we’ve never had to recall any of our state-of-the-art ICT systems, desktop phones and mobile systems.

Ready for the future

Obviously, Auerswald has long been ready for All IP and the next generation network. Our ICT systems even have the future standard IPv6 on board. More importantly, they are upgradeable which means they can easily keep pace with your changing needs in the future.

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Oriented towards practical issues

Technological expertise is one thing. Making provisions for modification requests that might occur later is a totally different matter. Especially for such cases, Auerswald features an Upgrade Center which enables you to add more functions whenever necessary – in a straightforward way.

Better protection than necessary

We are so confident in the reliability of our products that we voluntarily grant you a free extended warranty which extends far beyond the legally required period. Available at specialist retailers.

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What kind of service does it take to surprise someone these days?

“Basically, nobody should have to pay for a software update.”

– Christian Auerswald (Managing Director) –

From qualified advice provided by our expert hotline to free software updates – our fair and compulsory service has won us multiple awards over the years.

A sympathetic ear or two

Real enthusiasm can only emerge when users notice that their expectations are met. Since your practical needs play a fundamental role in all our new developments, we encourage a direct exchange with you and our partners.

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Quick support is what really matters

We do everything to ensure that you’ll get fast and competent support whatever problem may arise. Be it our expert hotline or the remote online support which enables our technicians to remotely check your ICT system – your satisfaction is our greatest concern.

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Surfing the web

Transparency is mandatory if you want to know what your customers think. That’s why Auerswald can be found on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. In addition we maintain our own “Clever Blog” and the online idea exchange “Clever Ideas”.

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Is love a necessary condition in a partnership?

“Whoever wants to get a head start with Auerswald products, enjoys our full support.”

– Gerhard Auerswald (Managing Director) –

We place trust in our retail partners because they continuously participate in our qualification program. This ensures that our customers can trust they will get optimum support and advisory service from them.

Long-term relationships

… usually indicate a partnership of equals. The reason why most of our retail partners have remained loyal to us for so many years is clear: They benefit from exclusive advantages such as helpful marketing and planning tools, not to forget a highly attractive bonus scheme.

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Knowledge is power

This applies particularly to products which require substantial consultation. Therefore, we offer seminars, workshops and webinars in which Auerswald partners can catch up with the latest technological standards while our annual “Newshour” provides a good insight into our product planning.

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Cooperative on principle

Whether application developers, network providers or other technology partners are concerned – Auerswald has always made positive experiences in cooperations. You can convince yourself of the reasonable and fair conditions.

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Our attitude towards innovations?

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