Is it narrow-minded to consider factors like power consumption or recyclability?
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“Producing in the Far East may add up commercially. In view of the long delivery routes, however, the environment ends up paying a premium.”

– Gerhard Auerswald (Managing Director) –

At Auerswald, environmental protection has always had priority – by conviction. Needless to say, we are especially proud that several of our latest ICT systems have won a “Blue Angel” award. And while we were sometimes mocked in the past for pushing the sustainability issue, this gives us a competitive edge today because it’s the most effective protection of your investment.

Shouldn’t everybody have an interest in an environmentally conscious production?

“Selecting a domestic production site near Brunswick (Braunschweig) not only eased the burden on the environment.”

– Gerhard Auerswald (Managing Director) –

Take the intelligent power management of our products or our commitment to recycling – when it comes to sustainability, Auerswald has always been at the forefront. Short delivery routes – thanks to domestic production – also contribute to our impressive eco-balance.

Taking waste management serious

Resource preservation starts with individual awareness. Each employee is therefore reminded of saving energy and resources at the workplace. Our recycling routine even dates back to the early 1990s when we started to take back our devices and systems free of charge.

Made in Germany

Particularly in times of globalization, it is everything but provincial to strictly rely on in-house production. Rather, it’s a well-considered decision which turned out to be commercially meaningful. Product quality and availability can be controlled much easier.

Does a family-run business face different conditions?

“We let no one dictate the course we pursue.”

– Christian Auerswald (Managing Director) –

Continuity can by no means taken for granted in a family-run company. The fact, however, that Gerhard Auerswald is sharing management responsibilities with his son Christian, is in true family tradition. It’s already the third generation to take responsibility at an early stage.

Everything under one roof

From developing to production and service, everything is done in-house at Auerswald. It’s a good decision since the conjunction of the different departments enables smoother processes and faster response times.

Signs of originality

Many useful inventions, such as automatic connection identification, come from our company, and chances are that without us there might still be no remote servicing in the area of telephony today. Of course, we are happy whenever our ideas are spreading.

Can flat hierarchies encourage flights of fancy?

“To us, customer orientation is not paying lip service. It provides us with new ideas regularly.”

– Gerhard Auerswald (Managing Director) –

No matter how many ideas you may have – you can hardly implement them without a highly capable team. That’s why at Auerswald young talents will find all doors wide open, and our qualification scheme is something we’re proud of.

Chances like in a movie

It’s certainly owing to our company tradition that we look at our employees and retail partners as part of our large family where it’s perfectly natural to appropriately encourage them. Want to know how we tick in general? Just click the button below!

Partners wanted

Regionally embedded

Even when nobody had heard the term, we considered social corporate responsibility as a vital part of our company philosophy. We don’t see it as a burden to support and promote social projects in our area but rather as a natural thing to do.

Social projects

Please get on board

If you wish to be heard and are eager to actively shape the future, you have come to the right place. At Auerswald, you will find an interesting and challenging work environment, highly committed colleagues and a homely atmosphere.

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